Hullo 2019!

Hullo 2019!

Dear Members,

We have had a busy start to 2019. Busy starts to the year are not uncommon for APC because December is often a lull for members, and staff would clear leave. Last December, Stacey went to Cuba to improve her salsa, Taila and Elaine went back to Germany and Malaysia respectively to their extended families, and I went to Hanoi to pave the way for Trump-Kim Summit 2.

But this year has begun at an especially hectic pace. We have not one, but two, learning journeys lined up in the first half of the year. Our learning journey to Cambodia at the end of March is already at 19 participants! Our trip to the US is also shaping up really well, with most of our board members joining us to forge new Trans-Pacific Philanthropic linkages. This TPP has promise. We will have a day of exclusive programming at the Milken Global Conference and another special day at Gates Foundation, apart from meeting mover and shakers in the Bay Area.

Learning journeys are not just a great way to learn and to forge partnerships, but also for members to get to know one another much more deeply. Strong friendships have grown from past trips. Apart from these travels, we are also running two Members Interest Groups – one on social entrepreneurship and another on early childhood education (see articles below). Global School Leaders, Tanoto Foundation, Djarum Foundation and Triputra Agro Persada launched INSPIRASI, our principal school leadership programme, in Indonesia last month. We had our best-attended Indonesian members roundtable on waste management on the same day. And we launched the Myanmar Giving Guide with a webinar this month, and Myanmar Radio and Television announced that APC is planning to build a university in Rakhine state.

So we have been working hard. But more importantly, do remember what Mary Ann Tsao said at venn2018. For APC to flourish, we need members to be co-owners with us. Help us drive these some of these activities. And help us double our membership. Please introduce a friend each!

Meanwhile, we are busy hiring a new team member who will be in charge of memberships. And help me find my replacement!

With great expectations,