25 Impactful ASEAN Philanthropists: What can we learn from them?

25 Impactful ASEAN Philanthropists: What can we learn from them?

On our journey to build a better Asia, we at Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) have been inspired by numerous philanthropists who are willing to take innovative approaches to create systemic social change and to effectively improve the lives of their communities.  APC has compiled, for the first time, the narratives of 25 such impactful philanthropists from across the region to form ASEAN Impact 25: a catalogue that outlines the overall impact of their efforts, the motivations that drive their philanthropic work and the milestones they have set for their philanthropy in the coming years.  Our hope is that these stories will encourage fellow philanthropists to introspect on their own journey, take risks, create unique opportunities to make a difference and redefine traditional philanthropy.

The ASEAN Impact 25 was launched at the inaugural ASEAN Philanthropy Dialogue, and was one of the highlights and point of reference for many at the event.  Produced by APC as a means to showcase the strategic and collaborative work of philanthropists in the region to ministers and senior officials gathered at the dialogue, the book also intended to inspire other budding philanthropists to be more thoughtful in their work.

The journey to profile philanthropists from each of the 10 ASEAN member states was an unexpected challenge.  Whilst locating suitable candidates was easier in countries where philanthropy was more prevalent, it was truly an uphill struggle identifying individuals from some of the countries where the practice of philanthropy is still nascent.  The book was published in record time, with interviews still going on three days before print.  Ultimately though, this became a project of true collaboration that would not have been realised without the determined support from our partners and friends in the community and the government.  With cross sector collaboration, anything is possible!

Download the digital version here.

We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did in creating it.  If you have any comments or would like to learn more about some of our members and the other philanthropists, please write to us at [email protected]