APC is Expanding!

APC is Expanding!

Over the last 6 months, 2 new staff members, Natalie Kennedy and Valentina Ko, joined APC. Let’s get to know them a little better!

Natalie Kennedy, Deputy Director at APC

Hi Natalie! What led you to work at APC?

My background in the US was mostly in the private sector, but with my family’s move to Singapore over 10 years ago came the opportunity to shift gears into the social sector and I haven’t looked back! Since then, I’ve mostly worked with donors and nonprofits in Singapore, Myanmar, and Cambodia. The best projects were always the ones with the messiest, most complex project plans, where there were multiple stakeholders, each with their own goals and expectations to manage.  Not everything always went to plan, but the process of co-creation was so important.  I think it was Eisenhower who said something like “In preparing for battle, I have found that plans are useless but the planning is indispensable.”

So, naturally, when I first spoke with Stacey about a role at APC, I was excited about the (insane?) challenge that is fundamental to APC: catalysing collaboration between our incredibly time-starved members, who are geographically disparate but share a common purpose in accelerating private action for the public good. To do that, we need to work together, and I’m thrilled to be part of an enabling organisation such as APC.

What are you looking forward to here?

I love the idea of the power of collaboration and its ability to bring good models to scale – and by members sharing “what works” with each other. Duplication can be avoided in the same way that sharing “what didn’t work” is an opportunity to learn and iterate. The logic in that appeals to my academic background in engineering.  I’m also really enjoying meeting our members and learning more about all the work they are doing in the region; I hope to be helpful in building bridges between members to learn from and work with each other.

Valentina Ko, Research and Communications Manager at APC

Hi Valentina, what have you been involved in so far with APC?

I started at APC with an internship during my summer break in 2018.  During my short stint last year, I was fortunate enough to be involved in a number of projects that allowed me to understand the philanthropy landscape in Singapore and Asia better. My time at APC allowed me to participate in developing different education programmes, researching a philanthropy framework as well as helping out with the social entrepreneurship member interest group.

What do you hope to achieve with APC?

All of my past projects with APC as well as my personal experiences have shown me that when a group of people gets together to work towards a common goal, it can create a movement.  As I re-join APC as a full-time staff, I look forward to working with our members and to further develop philanthropy within our region to inspire positive changes within our society.