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2 Members | 2 Collaborative Projects

1 Member | 3 Collaborative Projects

China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship

The China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship was set up in June 2021 with Li Foundation to build up capacity in strategic and collaborative philanthropy within the senior management in China’s philanthropy sector.

1 Member | 2 Collaborative Projects

7 Members | 6 Collaborative Projects

Thousand Days Fund

The Thousand Days Fund pooled funding from members to address the issue of stunting and malnutrition in Indonesia. (Ended as of July 2021)

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Indonesia Education Mapping Guide

APC Indonesia Chapter launched the Education Giving Guide in December 2017. Titled Catalysing Productive Livelihood, the project continues to be referenced by the education community in Indonesia, and has gone into Phase with a further mapping of projects, exchanges and pilot programmes.

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Global School Leaders: INSPIRASI

School leadership is the critical factor for the success of any school and for changes to be effective.  APC’s pilot programme was launched in Malaysia (2018) as part of Global School Leaders (GSL), and in 2019, the Indonesia Principals’ Academy, also known as INSPIRASI, was established in the wake of Pemimpin’s success.

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ASEAN Peace Initiative

In order to find ways to promote inclusivism and tolerance amongst communities, APC organised multiple roundtables with practitioners and experts on counter-terrorism and conflict resolution. The ASEAN Peace Initiative was born from these discussions to address these issues in a more sustained way together.

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4 Members | 4 Collaborative Projects

Global School Leaders: Pemimpin

School leadership is the critical factor for the success of any school and for changes to be effective.  APC’s pilot programme was launched in Malaysia (2018) as part of Global School Leaders (GSL), and in 2019, the Indonesia Principals’ Academy, also known as INSPIRASI, was established in the wake of Pemimpin’s success.

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Malaysia Community Development Pilot Programme

A holistic education, nutrition, and health pilot programme for refugees, asylum-seekers, and disadvantaged members of host communities in Malaysia. This pilot aims to provide durable solutions to improve prospects for livelihood, repatriation, and integration towards a better life.

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1 Member | 3 Collaborative Projects

Myanmar Community Development Fund

The Myanmar Community Development Fund aims to cultivate and empower community leaders and social entrepreneurs in Myanmar to create long-term sustainable, scalable community development projects and businesses that will benefit the community.  This fund will identify and develop impact enterprises in Myanmar in sectors with high potential for economic growth and livelihood development.

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1 Member | 2 Collaborative Projects

1 Member | 2 Collaborative Projects

3 Members | 3 Collaborative Projects

Early Childhood Care and Development Pilot

The Philippines Early Child Care Development (ECCD) Pilot aims to ensure whole child development through better nutrition, increased learning, social protection, and improved health.

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In 2021, APC coordinated amongst its members USD $1.5m, matched by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance with funds provided by a public charity, towards COVAX AMC to deliver 600,000 COVID-19 vaccines for low- and middle-income countries in Asia.

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Regional Early Childhood Development Research

This regional study will map parenting and early learning models and identify effective approaches to ECD in Indonesia, Singapore, and China. 

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Transnational Giving Asia

This feasibility study will assess the appetite and feasibility for setting up a cross-border giving network in the Asia-Pacific region. The study is being conducted across 13 countries, examining the motivation, structural barriers, and challenges donors face when giving across borders.

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Future of Asian Philanthropy

A future-oriented research project using scenario planning to envisage what philanthropy in Asia could look like in 2050, and how it might fulfil its promise as a positive, impactful force on society.

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Asian Philanthropist Guide Series

The APC Philanthropist Guides are a series of resources for philanthropists tailored for the Asian context. Each guide responds to specific needs that philanthropists may have at different stages of their philanthropic journey—from starting to strategising, to managing family and evaluation.

APC Climate Collective

The APC Climate Collective gathers philanthropists to find meaningful entry points, build capacity, and enable opportunities for meaningful and strategic collaboration to address climate change causes and impacts, especially in Asia.


22 Members | 5 Collaborative Projects

Mental Wellness Collective

The collective brings together members and practitioners to identify gaps and interventions aimed at developing mental wellness and building resilience in young people in Singapore, with a special focus on the education system.

Singapore Migrant Workers Project

A series of initiatives to improve working conditions for migrant workers in Singapore: socialising an Employment Certification Scheme, which recognises ethical recruitment and employment standards in private sector, and developing an ethical supply chain for workers from Bangladesh to Singapore.

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Assisted Living Facility

This first, purpose-built Assisted Living Facility in Singapore is aimed for seniors  with low dependency needs and desire high autonomy. The pilot aims to provide a community-centric model that actively engages with residents, which is currently missing in existing private and government models.

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2 Members | 2 Collaborative Projects

1 Member | 2 Collaborative Projects

2 Members | 2 Collaborative Projects

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APC is a membership-led, peer-to-peer network of philanthropists across Asia. In 2020, our impact continued across the region, even through the ups and downs of the pandemic. Since traveling remains difficult, we will instead bring you on a virtual journey of APC's strategic and collaborative philanthropy with this easy-to-reference map.

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Chairman’s Message

Chairmans Message
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Laurence Lien


Welcome to your geographic guide to Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC)’s impact across the region. We hope to take you on a visual adventure across Asia through a map showcase of APC’s work, and its breadth as a diverse network of philanthropists working together to make the world a better place.

As a consequence of the pandemic, borders remain largely shut in Asia—making travel that much harder in the past two years. It may take some time yet until we are once again free to move about freely. However, the biggest surprise has been in finding the ability to transcend these borders. A shift to virtual spaces has enabled a shift in other ways—being able to meet more often, unencumbered by the limitations to close the physical distance, to meeting along common interests rather than geographic commonalities. This has enabled us, in spite of the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, to find new initiatives, to find new ways to collaborate, and to find an even wider group of partners, co-conspirators, and collaborators across the world.

The most challenging issues of today—climate change, the pandemic, poverty, access to education and health, pace and security—transcend borders, are very complex, and require a collective effort in order to find solutions that work. As philanthropists, we are in a unique position of having the resources to be able to effect change, to move things into action, and to bring us one step closer towards a becoming a thriving planet.

We invite you to join us in our journey, adventures, experiments, collectives, and other ways we find to get everyone to work together in making the world a better place! Happy travelling!

PS: In a year of filled with buzzwords like pivot and hybrid, we bring an element of hybrid to you as well: we invite you to explore this map further on the APC website, where we go in-depth on the work we do across the region.


EVENTS FROM 2020 TO 2021


APC Online Dialogue: Leveraging Philanthropy for Jobs and Livelihoods (Online)


APC Online Dialogue on Plastics: Case Study on Impacts and Solutions in Vietnam (Online)

14-15 & 28-29

Strategic Philanthropy Workshop Series (Online)


Call for Collaboration: Myanmar Community Development
and Dreams University (Online)


Good Society Readings with Jacqueline Novogratz (Online)


APC Myanmar Roundtable: 21st Century Skillset Development (Online)


APC Expert Series #1: Leveraging Evidence to Support What Works (Online)


Singapore Roundtable: Strengthening Mental Health (Online)


Dialogue on Vaccine Development and Distribution (Online)


Indonesia Roundtable (Hybrid)


Call for Collaboration: Partnerships for Sustainability and Environment


2020 in Review: Building Back Better for the Future (Online)


Follow-up on Strategic Philanthropy Workshop (Online)


APC Arts Salon (Online)

March - April

APC Dinner Dialogues (In-person)


Mental Health Roundtable (In-person)


ECD Forum: Adopting a Holistic Approach (Online)


High-Level Dialogue with UNHCR (Online)


China Philanthropy Forum (Online)


Malaysia Roundtable: Building Strong Organisations (Online)


APC Emergency Briefi ng: Myanmar COVID-19 Situation (Online)


AAPC ECD Regional Research: Partners’ Meeting (Online)


APC Vietnam Huddle (Online)


APC Singapore Roundtable (In-person)


APC Philippines ECCD Project Huddle (Online)


Call for Collaboration: Enabling Greater Access to Education (Online)

6 Oct – 17 Nov

Strategic Climate Philanthropy Workshop Series (Online)


APC Philippines ECCD Project Huddle (Online)


APC Climate Collective Launch (Online)


venn2021: Flourishing People, Planet, and Philanthropy (Hybrid)


Malaysia RT (TBC)


  • Singapore Roundtable 1
  • Vietnam Roundtable: Non-Traditional Support in Education

  • Indonesia Roundtable 1
  • Thailand Roundtable
  • Call for Collaboration 1

  • Malaysia Roundtable 1
  • China Roundtable Discussion
  • Launch: APC Philanthropy Guides (public version)

  • Launch: Future of Asian Philanthropy
  • APC Dialogue on Business and Philanthropy
  • Roundtable on Frameworks and Strategic Communications for Foundations
  • Foundation Culture and Impact Workshop Series

  • APC Philanthropy Guides Workshop

  • Myanmar Roundtable
  • Philippines Roundtable 1
  • Call for Collaboration 2
  • Learning Journey

  • Malaysia Roundtable 2
  • 2nd APC ECD Forum

  • Indonesia Roundtable 2
  • South Asia Roundtable
  • Singapore Roundtable 2

  • Malaysia Roundtable 3
  • Vietnam Roundtable 2
  • Singapore Roundtable 3

  • Philippines Roundtable 2
  • Call for Collaboration 3
  • APC Dialogue on Building Peace and Social Cohesion

  • venn2022