Indonesia: A Collaborative Community Development Effort in a Low-Cost Public Housing Community

Our Indonesian members are coming together to combine their resources and expertise in different fields in the community building of a rusunawa in Jakarta.  Working with GK (Gerakan Kepedulian) Indonesia, the project aims to work on a holistic level on the different issues affecting the communities living in such areas: education, healthcare, infrastructure, community-building and livelihoods.  The hope is that this project will eventually become a demonstration project for community building in other rusunawas.

Talent Development in the Philanthropy Sector

Across Asia, as philanthropy grows and aims to be more impactful, there is increased demand for more professionalised forms of philanthropy, which in turn requires a ready pool of professionals with expertise and interest in this area.  However, it has also become obvious that the market for social sector professionals who understand what philanthropists want to achieve and who can work with them effectively is limited.  Whichever sector the leaders are taken from, there is often a mismatch: in expectations, in execution, and in the retention of these talents.  The danger is that philanthropic aspirations will run ahead of the…

Singapore/Regional: Cross-Border Giving Guide

The Cross Border Giving Guides act as toolkits for new philanthropists going into countries that they are not so familiar with. The guides provide a landscape review of the country, including recommendations from experienced practitioners on the ground, relating to the regulatory framework, cultural issues, sources for information, and case studies. APC has kicked off the first in the series with a guide for Myanmar, which will also inform our work for the Myanmar Community Development Fund, and help members to navigate working in the country which still has an under-developed social sector infrastructure. Watch out for more guides to other countries at our online resource centre:

Regional: ASEAN Peace Initiatives

Addressing rising extremism amongst youths was a key challenge brought up originally by our Filipino members.  This is an issue that we quickly realise needs addressing in many other Southeast Asian countries too.  We have been convening multiple roundtables with experts and practitioners on counter-terrorism and conflict, to promoting inclusivism and tolerance amongst communities, looking to tap into role models and to convene meaningful dialogues on the issue.  Our key belief for this initiative is to tackle this with the local communities upstream before it even becomes a security challenge downstream.