APC Singapore Roundtable: Strengthening Mental Health Care

On 29 January 2021, APC hosted the Singapore Roundtable on Strengthening Mental Health Care, bringing together members and experts to examine how to best collaborate and create meaningful change in the mental health space, and incorporate better evidence use particularly in light of COVID-19. APC invited Dr Robyn Mildon, Founding Executive Director, and Maryanna Abdo, Managing Director from the Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI) to share their deep experience working with governments and foundations on the issue of mental health in the UK, Australia and how the practice of using evidence can best inform how our communities can address…

APC Deputy Director Mark Fiorello: Reflections from his stint with APC

APC was joined by Mark Fiorello, a monitoring & evaluation expert with nine years of experience in Indonesia, for a short few months to improve our capacity and rethink and better deliver our programmes. During this time, Mark has helped to develop the APC Impact Framework and various ways of understanding our effectiveness, as well as helping to manage the Thousand Days Fund and ASEAN Peace Initiatives projects.  He has also recently conducted a quick review of several different instances of APC’s support to collaboration to identify some key lessons about what has worked well and not quite as well….