Just Announced: The APC Climate Collective

Just Announced: The APC Climate Collective


Climate change and the environment are complex, and while some APC members are already quite active in this space, many others have let us know that they would like to do more but struggle with where to start. This “decision paralysis” is not unique to APC members—despite it being widely understood as the greatest challenge to our species, climate change initiatives only account for 2% of global philanthropy.

APC understands that funders need to be equipped with knowledge to help understand entry points where they can have the greatest impact with their resources, influence and networks. They also need room for experimentation and a space to practice.

Thus, APC is launching the APC Climate Collective—a circle-within-the-circle wholly focused on climate philanthropy. Through the Collective, members will be able to learn from experts, interact with practitioners, experiment in new areas, and collaborate with global funders and fellow APC members on climate action. We will have a dedicated programme lead, who will act as a shared resource for members, supporting them on their journey.

Take Part

Whether you are looking to get started or you are interested in regularly engaging on this important topic with others, we hope you will join us. We are looking for 8-10 members to take this forward. Do get in touch with Natalie Kennedy for more details or to share your expression of interest.