Keeping Up with Bradley

Keeping Up with Bradley

What led you to work at APC?

Bradley Wo, Senior Associate

I was first introduced to APC while conducting research for my master’s thesis on philanthropy in China. I interviewed APC Director Stacey Choe, which helped me as I wrote about future projections for Chinese high net worth philanthropy. I have been interested in philanthropy for several years and have interned at a venture philanthropy foundation in the US, UNDP in Beijing, and most recently at AVPN in Singapore. Joining APC in its work on Asian philanthropy seemed like a natural fit and I am glad that I can be a part of the team.

What are you looking forward to here?

I am excited to gain a deeper understanding of Asian philanthropy through the work of APC members. The diversity of APC projects also allows me to learn about a variety of geographies, cultures, issue areas, and approaches to creating impact. Being able to be actively involved in promoting collaborative philanthropy rather than just writing academically on the topic is refreshing and inspiring. On a more personal level, I am a newcomer to Singapore, so I’m also looking forward to exploring as many aspects of Singapore’s amazing food culture as well.