Learning from Members: Building for the Well-Being of the People and Environment

Learning from Members: Building for the Well-Being of the People and Environment

By Stacey Choe

APC visited khun Thippaporn at her Research Innovation & Sustainability Center (RISC) in Bangkok with a few guests to learn more about her company’s dedication to technology and eco-friendly solutions that will benefit residents’ health and general well-being.

The centre had an impressive array of construction and decoration materials – bricks that are upcycled from plastic, furniture made out of egg shells, high quality carpets made from plastic – the list goes on. What was just as impressive was the rigour taken to test the environmental and health effects of the materials. They were being monitored on heat release, toxins and carbon dioxide, amongst other indicators.

Khun Thippaporn’s property development company MQDC takes their work a few steps further than managing real estate. Alongside the infrastructure of the residences they provide, the other important component is the lifestyle that they promote with activities that they organize. There are specific programmes catered for elderly that will help them age well, and other services catering to the modern lifestyle.

RISC works with leading international partners at Harvard School of Public Health and MIT on continuing applied research that will improve the health of residents, and is also committed to share their results with others who are interested to adopt or learn.

Our roundtable session on Urban Sustainability also explored the mitigation of environmental problems like flooding, climate issues and displacement of communities. We learnt a tremendous amount on Bangkok – from the current work on the rejuvenation of its canal systems to the struggles from its over-population.

Going forward, we hope to facilitate more sharing amongst members involved in this area – cross-border and within, so that you can learn more on what new learnings each have processed. If you are in Bangkok and would like to drop by RISC to learn more, let us know!