Our Values

APC is mindful of the social and environmental impact of our activities.

We believe that, in line with the core values of our group, taking an ethical stance and articulating a code of conduct for our organisation will encourage both our employees and our stakeholders to embark on continued learning. This will make both our future, and the communities in which we operate, more socially and environmentally sustainable.

Group Values and Principles of Behaviour

These principles guide us in working towards APC’s mission and vision. Together, we aim to apply these principles in everything we do, uphold APC’s mission in any initiative we engage in and protect APC’s reputation and that of APC’s Members, partners and beneficiaries.

  1. We are a safe space for purposeful and open sharing.
  2. Working together helps us go further, even if it takes a little longer.
  3. Everything we do must make a real difference; good intentions are not enough.
  4. We are a neutral platform, so we leave our biases and personal agendas at the door.
  5. We welcome diversity as we believe that differences make us collectively stronger, more resilient and more innovative.
  6. We must be prepared to become mini-experts in any area, but not too much so that we can act quickly.
  7. We are bold in questioning the status quo, and have the courage to break new frontiers.

For our full Ethics and Sustainability Policy, along with how we interact with our partners and vendors, please download the document here.