Our Vision & Mission

A platform for Philanthropists by Philanthropists.

A Better Asia through Philanthropy.

Better Asia: Inclusive, peaceful, prosperous and sustainable communities.
Philanthropy: A value that promotes good stewardship of resources for the benefit of society.

To accelerate private action for the public good by addressing systemic challenges through collaborative philanthropy.


The Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC), through its offering, will take the following roles:

  • Catalyst for Action: The APC’s unique value proposition is its focus on action and impact, which may originate from existing projects or be initiated jointly from within the APC by a group of members around specific topics or regions.
  • Advocate: The APC advocates for the long-term interests of Asian philanthropy to secure its role in the societies it operates in, through research putting a spotlight on what interventions work and do not work, and demonstrating the positive societal impact of philanthropy.
  • Capability builder: The APC educates, develops and works with philanthropists and social leaders to achieve breakthroughs in the social sector.  They learn to diagnose, intervene, and mobilise key stakeholders to confront the needs and problems, and work together to improve the human condition, through workshops, seminars, exchange and field trips.
  • Convener: The APC conducts peer-learning roundtables and field trips on specific regions and issues.  Cross-sector dialogue will shape the societal agenda for action.  Its annual meeting is a safe space to discuss sector-wide topics and set the APC’s agenda.