Notes from the Region: APC visits Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia

As travel roars back to life in the first half of 2022, APC catches up with members from and working in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. BY NATALIE KENNEDY AND STACEY CHOE Travel has roared back to life in 2022—this means that APC was able to (finally!) catch up with our members around the region—meeting our members in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia in person after a long time, and catch up on what everyone is working on. Vietnam APC’s first stop, as travel restrictions began to ease, was Vietnam. We caught up with members, friends, and partners—and met with new stakeholders…


In 2021, APC coordinated amongst its members USD $1.5m, matched by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance with funds provided by a public charity, towards COVAX AMC to deliver 600,000 COVID-19 vaccines for low- and middle-income countries in Asia.

Transnational Giving Asia

This feasibility study will assess the appetite and feasibility for setting up a cross-border giving network in the Asia-Pacific region. The study is being conducted across 13 countries, examining the motivation, structural barriers, and challenges donors face when giving across borders.

Future of Asian Philanthropy

A future-oriented research project using scenario planning to envisage what philanthropy in Asia could look like in 2050, and how it might fulfil its promise as a positive, impactful force on society.

Asian Philanthropist Guide Series

The APC Philanthropist Guides are a series of resources for philanthropists tailored for the Asian context. Each guide responds to specific needs that philanthropists may have at different stages of their philanthropic journey—from starting to strategising, to managing family and evaluation.

APC Climate Collective

The APC Climate Collective gathers philanthropists to find meaningful entry points, build capacity, and enable opportunities for meaningful and strategic collaboration to address climate change causes and impacts, especially in Asia.