The Future of Philanthropy in Asia: Insights from Singapore

BY SARAH TAM AND KOON PENG OOI, ASIA PHILANTHROPY CIRCLE In March, Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) and Bloomberg co-hosted the Singapore launch of APC’s Future of Asian Philanthropy, a two-part research study that explores how Asian society might look in 2050, and how philanthropy can fulfil its promise as a positive, impactful force in society. Using scenario planning, the report envisions four future scenarios based on three fundamental ‘Driving Forces” that are shaping society in Asia: The launch event brought together a diverse group of philanthropists, private wealth professionals, government, thought leaders, NGOs who reflected on the current society attitudes…

Singapore Launch: Future of Asian Philanthropy

28 March 2023 | Singapore The Singapore launch of the Future of Asian Philanthropy reports, hosted by Bloomberg, convened philanthropists, private wealth and banking professionals, non-profit and government representatives to examine how philanthropy can play a role in enabling social mobility in Singapore, and play a role in shaping a flourishing future for the country. The launch featured bold insights from panelists Laurence Lien (Asia Philanthropy Circle), Corinna Lim (AWARE), Dr Mathew Mathews (IPS Social Labs), moderated by Chris Addy (The Bridgespan Group on addressing wealth inequality and enabling social mobility in the country, and invited participants to reflect how…

Creating Impact Beyond Philanthropy

Members came together for a session focusing on impact investing and ESG, and how to utilise all the assets at their disposal beyond capital to drive positive social change. BY RUNCHEN HUANG Since 2020, APC has been hosting Calls for Collaboration to enable members extend the impact of their philanthropy—through opportunities to share projects they are supporting with fellow members in order to find common interests and new ways to collaborate with each other. In our first Call for Collaboration in 2022, members came together for a session focusing on impact investing and ESG, ending with a showcase of impact funds…

Building a Stronger Philanthropic Ecosystem in Asia

How does the role of philanthropy in society need to evolve in these troubled times? BY JIA XIAN SEOW The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) recently announced its intention to spend US$9 billion annually by 2026—a 50% increase over pre-pandemic spending levels. With an endowment now totaling an estimated US$70 billion, one would not be faulted in wondering whether the world’s second largest philanthropic foundation may presume to be the global authority on effective giving for the world’s greatest needs. Instead, speaking to APC members a Fireside Chat in June 2022, BMGF CEO and Board Member Mark Suzman’s tone…

Mental Wellness Collective

The collective brings together members and practitioners to identify gaps and interventions aimed at developing mental wellness and building resilience in young people in Singapore, with a special focus on the education system.

Singapore Migrant Workers Project

A series of initiatives to improve working conditions for migrant workers in Singapore: socialising an Employment Certification Scheme, which recognises ethical recruitment and employment standards in private sector, and developing an ethical supply chain for workers from Bangladesh to Singapore.

Assisted Living Facility

This first, purpose-built Assisted Living Facility in Singapore is aimed for seniors  with low dependency needs and desire high autonomy. The pilot aims to provide a community-centric model that actively engages with residents, which is currently missing in existing private and government models.