4th Quarter Events

The Givers Network Forum 2019, 5 October, Bangkok

The Givers Network was initiated by APC member Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp with the aim to foster organisations to work together to increase their impact. APC hosted a roundtable on ageing and eldercare at this year’s forum, alongside other sessions on early childhood development and ocean conservation. 

Effective Giving in Asia Seminar, 7 October, Singapore

With hosts including APC members Laurence Lien, Sally Tsai, Wayne Chang, and Simon Flint, this seminar explored in greater depth the Effective Giving framework to address the most promising solutions for the world’s most pressing problems within the context of Asian philanthropy.

YSE Pitching for Change 2019, 18 October, Singapore

The SIF Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) programme brings young changemakers from around the world together to help them launch and grow their social enterprises. The 15 shortlisted social enterprises in this year’s cohort have gone through a workshop, a Study Visit and a customised mentorship scheme. They will be reconvening in Singapore again at Pitching for Change to pitch their work for the chance to win a grant for their business growth. APC Member, Keith Chua, will be paneling as a judge and invites all APC members, especially members from the social entrepreneurship member interest group to attend. Please contact APC if you are interested.

venn2019, 7-8 November, Singapore

We celebrate turning points at our annual member gathering, hosted this year at Lien Villa, with evenings hosted by members Keith Chua and Anthonia Hui.  We hope you are able to join this special event, where founding members meet new members, new prospects learn about APC more deeply, participants learn and co-create new ideas and new ways of doing things, and members challenge themselves to think about their philanthropy. Please contact APC if you have not RSVP-ed!

Study Trip to Vietnam, 13-15 November, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City

Join your fellow members for another learning journey! We will meet with organisations working on the ground in the fields of early childhood development, anti-trafficking, vocational training, education, and sustainable supply chains.  This trip is supported by APC members Pierre Lorinet, Pang Sze Khai, Olivier Dung Do Ngoc and Lam Nguyen-Phuong. We will be visiting OneSky, Saigon Children, Pacific Links, LIN Center, VietSeeds, KOTO and Tatonka Open Factory.  Please contact APC for full programme details. 

APC Roundtable: Transforming Indonesia’s Performing Arts, 27 November, Jakarta 

Djarum Foundation is working on building up Indonesia’s version of NYC’s Broadway theatre sector, and Victor Hartono is excited to share his vision and master plan for rejuvenating Indonesia’s performing arts sector. Please contact APC if you are interested to join.

Indonesia Chapter site visit to Peace Generation, first week of December, Bandung 

We will be visiting Peace Generation, an organisation supported by ASEAN Peace Initiatives which is championed by APC member Teng Ngiek Lian. Peace Generation promotes interfaith understanding and tolerance amongst youths in Indonesia.  Timing is TBC but do let us know if you are interested in joining for this.