Protected: Vietnam COVID-19 Huddle

Since April, Vietnam has been experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, despite having successfully contained the pandemic last year. Parts of Vietnam, such as Ho Chi Minh City, have entered a period of strict lockdown since 23 August 2021, which prohibit people from leaving their homes.

What are companies and individuals doing to address the situation, and what challenges are they having? How can individuals, organisations, and companies support local communities most in need?

In this huddle, APC invited members and guests in Vietnam to discuss what efforts they are each doing on the ground, and to look at potential points of collaboration for on-the-ground relief. APC also invited Mr Nguyen Tuan Khoi, CEO of Foodbank Vietnam, to share his experiences on the ground, and how his organisation is helping communities stay afloat during Vietnam’s strictest lockdown to date.

The following links and recordings below are for APC members and guest participants only. We have recorded the presentation below, but not the discussion, to ensure a safe space for all. We ask that you follow Chatham House Rules and not to share this link or these files with anyone who was not invited to attend the session.