Welcome to our New Members!

Welcome to our New Members!

We welcomed another eight new members in the past six months.  Vichien Phongsathorn is from Thailand, Pang Sze Khai from Singapore, Oliver Dung Do Ngoc from Vietnam, Sally Tsai from Taiwan, Rina Lopez Bautista from Philippines, Andrew Forrest and Mei Wen from Australia and finally CP Khetan from Nepal.

Khun Vichien Phongsathorn, Chairman of Premier Group of Companies.

Having dedicated much of his time over the past two decades in the service of social causes, Vichien has nurtured numerous initiatives like Yuvabadhana Foundation, Enlive Foundation, and Khon Thai Foundation, which seek to engage citizen participation in solving civic issues through various platforms for collaboration.

Apart from founding several platforms for collaboration, Vichien is also serving as the Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Organisation of Thailand (ACT) which aims to serve as a social force that mobilises Thai people and society in rejecting all forms of corruption.

Vichien is an active corporate leader in Thailand who is committed to driving business with values of sustainability and social impact for all stakeholders within value chains and communities.  With the ultimate goal of achieving a “Harmonious Alignment of Success” in all his business and charitable initiatives, Vichien sees it as essential that businesses contribute values to the society and to their employees.

Vichien graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BSc degree in Nuclear Engineering as well as his Master of Business Administration.

Mr. Pang Sze Khai is the Executive Director of Octava Pte Ltd, a single family office based in Singapore that has multiple investments across diverse industries, focusing mainly on real estate, financial technology and lifestyle concepts.  He is also the Chairman of Octava Foundation and Octava Impact Investments, the philanthropic and impact investment arms of his family office.

Founded in 2016, Octava Foundation supports children and youth from economically disadvantaged families to realise and achieve their aspirations, who are empowered to have sustainable livelihoods as adults.  The Foundation partners with educational institutions, charities, ground up initiatives and social enterprises that work with less privileged young people to build their socio-emotional assets, nurture their talents and interests, and to help them to attain educational and vocational qualifications.

Khai takes a long-term approach towards his philanthropy, and seeks to deepen the partnership with Octava Foundation’s grantees to better the impact of their intended work in the hope that they can achieve scale.  He seeks to weave his for-profit ventures, social impact investments and charitable endeavours together in a seamless trajectory to create his family office’s philanthropic legacy.  In achieving his philanthropic objectives, Khai has a keen interest in learning alongside and collaborating with like-minded givers.

Mr. Olivier Dung Do Ngoc is an astute investor and an inspired entrepreneur and spending 14 years with JP Morgan in its Investment Bank, Emerging Markets and Wealth Management divisions, based across Europe and Asia.

In 2007, Olivier co-founded Dynasty Investments in Vietnam.  He has worked on various high-profile hospitality, real estate, venture capital and private equity projects and since 2015 has been spearheading the rapid development of EZ Land – the first midmarket affordable residential real estate developer in Vietnam.  Olivier is also the Honorary Consul of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in Ho Chi Minh City since 2017.

Beyond his business interests, Olivier is and has been an active participant in the corporate social responsibility sector and also serves on the boards of various domestic and regional companies.  Under his guidance, his group companies including EZ Land have participated in various philanthropy and CSR activities, including building the orphanage house for the ethnic children in Lam Dong, sponsoring to HPDF – Ho Chi Minh City Peace & Development Foundation as well as LIN – Center for Community Development.  He has also supported international NGOs active in Vietnam such as Operation Smile and Saigon Children and is currently developing various corporate partnerships with Saigon Children and Room to Read.

With over 12 years of experience on the ground in Vietnam doing charity and philanthropy, Olivier and the team is now looking at making their philanthropic efforts not only more impactful but also more sustainable through the leverage provided by local experts with strong track records of delivery and excellent stewardship of donations.

Olivier’s inspiration is a motivation for EZ Land employees to contribute through many personal trips to Lam Dong helping with the orphanage house and actively participating in the LIN programmes to support the non-profit organisations in Vietnam and in various on-going initiatives.  His particular areas of interests are empowerment and education for women and minorities as well as other people suffering discrimination, clean water access for everyone, poor and isolated communities outreach through infrastructure improvement, schooling and healthcare focusing on extreme poverty relief as well as the development of a social enterprise active network of entrepreneurs in Vietnam.

Ms. Sally Tsai is the founder of Affinity Impact.  Affinity Impact was established in 2018 as a family office carve-out to deploy both impact investments and philanthropic grants for social impact.  The family office’s wealth comes from her father who founded the world’s largest athletic footwear manufacturer.  Sally previously practiced as a family medicine physician.  She received her MD from Boston University School of Medicine and practiced at UCLA Health after completing residency.  She also received a BS in Finance from UPenn’s Wharton School. She moved back to Taiwan in late 2017 to be closer to her and her husband’s families.

Affinity Impact’s mission is to measurably improve the lives of those in poverty by providing basic needs and services in line with the UN SDGs.  It uses the following criteria: a) high impact with robust evidence of measurable outcomes, b) maximum cost-effectiveness, and c) addresses neglected issues and regions.

Ms. Rina Lopez Bautista is the President and founder of the Knowledge Channel Foundation (KCFI).  KCFI is a nonprofit organisation established in 1999 and operates the Knowledge Channel, the first and only television and online and offline media tandem primarily focused on the Philippines’ basic education curriculum.  KCFI develops and airs/distributes multimedia learning resources anchored on the curriculum for PK to12 and alternative learning, Math, Science, English and other subjects to public schools all over the country.

KCFI strongly believes in continuing learning of education leaders through the Superintendents Leadership Programme (SLP) that trains Schools Division Superintendents across the country, and through Learning Effectively through Enhanced and Evidenced-based Pedagogies (LEEP) that trains on learner-centred approaches, constructivism, and 21st century learning to help teachers and principals implement the reforms of the Department of Education (DepEd), particularly in the K to12 programme.  She is also a partner and national screener for the Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards and the Oscar M. Lopez Award for Educational Leadership.

Rina is a Trustee of the Lopez Group Foundation, Bayan Academy, and Philippine Business for Education.

Beyond advocacy, she is a learner with a Master of Arts degree in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University in California, USA and a completer of the Non-Profit Leadership Programme at Stanford University.

Being a passionate advocate of quality education with 20 years’ experience in the field, she is a resource person on philanthropy, Philippine education, and learning technologies.

Mr. Andrew Forrest AO is Founder and Chairman of Fortescue Metals Group, and Founder and Chairman of Minderoo Foundation

Mr Forrest is Australia’s most active philanthropist and one of the most effective business leaders of his generation.

As Fortescue’s Founder and Chairman, he has led the company from inception to its Top 20 status in the Australian economy, during which time Fortescue invested more than US$20 billion in the resources sector.

In 2001, Mr Forrest co-founded the Minderoo Foundation with his wife Nicola, which has supported over 280 initiatives across Australia and internationally in pursuit of a range of causes.  In May 2017, the Forrests announced one of Australia’s largest private philanthropic donations of AU$400 million, and have continued giving, with their total philanthropic donations exceeding AU$1.5 billion in May 2019.

Mr Forrest was awarded an honorary doctorate by The University of Western Australia, is an Adjunct Professor of the Central South University in China, a lifetime Fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and a leading global representative of the resources sector.
He is Co-Chairman of the Senior Business Leaders’ Forum, the leading formal dialogue for China and Australia’s most senior business leaders.

In 2017, Mr Forrest was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for distinguished service to the mining sector, to the development of employment and business opportunities, as a supporter of sustainable foreign investment, and to philanthropy.

He is Global Patron of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, recipient of the Australian Sports Medal and the Australian Centenary Medal, and Vice-Patron of the SAS Resources Fund.

He is also a Councillor of the Global Citizen Commission, which made a series of human rights recommendations to update the Universal Declaration of Human Rights presented to the United Nations Secretary General in April 2016.

Mr Forrest was appointed in 2013 by the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Australia, to Chair the Review of Indigenous Training and Employment Programmes, with the specific aim of ending Indigenous disparity through employment.

He was named the 2014 Business Leader of the Year at the Australian Institute of Management Western Australia Pinnacle Awards and was Western Australia’s 2017 Australian of the Year for his outstanding contribution to the community.

In 2018, Mr Forrest was inducted into the Australian Prospectors & Miners’ Hall of Fame and honoured with the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni Social Impact Award for the “lasting and exceptional legacy” of his philanthropic work.

Ms. Mei Wen’s extensive career, which started in tourism and hospitality, has taken her around the world.  She is now a well-established philanthropist and is involved in the Wen family’s business operations of Hawaiian in Australia and Selangor Properties Berhad in Malaysia alongside other members of the Wen family.

Based in Perth, Mei’s work with the Wen Giving Foundation adds to a long history of generosity and philanthropy by the Wen family which began in the 1960s with her mother-in-law Puan Sri Wen – the matriarch of Selangor Properties Berhad, who herself was an altruist and philanthropist.  Today, under her mandate, Wen Giving Foundation continues this legacy guided by Mei and her husband Chiu Chi Wen.  Wen Giving Foundation uses the resources of the Wen family and operational support of Hawaiian and Selangor Properties Berhad to help carry out its work.

At the helm of Wen Giving Foundation, Mei is a leader in raising awareness for eye health, education, community support, youth and women’s initiatives and medical and mental health.  Mei spends time on-the-ground visiting the projects the foundation supports throughout the Asia Pacific region, ensuring the impact and sustainability standards of the foundation are continuously met.

Wen Giving Foundation’s focus on eye health has come from more than a decade of working with organisations dedicated to curing avoidable blindness in disadvantaged communities.  Seeing the impact of restoring someones vision on their life, their family and their community has inspired the foundation to support all levels of eye health, from training of entry level ophthalmic practitioners to the construction of tertiary eye hospitals with world leading partners.

Wen Giving Foundation’s vision also steers Hawaiian’s and SPB’s community engagement and schools programmes, which seek to make a meaningful difference to the lives of people within the local communities in which they operate.  Please visit www.wengiving.com, www.hawaiian.com.au and www.selangorproperties.com.my/community-partner for project details.

Mr. Chandra Prakash “CP” Khetan is a Nepalese citizen and the co-founder of Lotus Life Foundation, which is a Singapore-based charity focused on the underprivileged in both Singapore and Nepal.  Through Lotus Life Foundation, CP has partnered with National University of Singapore for emerging entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds to receive seed funding.  In 2019, Lotus Life launched the Lotus Initiative, a joint programme with Singapore Management University, to strengthen local capacities in Nepal for innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to tackling poverty.

Previously, CP ran several businesses of the family-owned Khetan Group, a 170-year old group of companies operating in the areas of manufacturing, banking, insurance, telecommunications, IT, real estate, energy and beverages.

CP now lives in Singapore with his wife and daughter.