Why a Green Paper on Effective Public-Philanthropic Collaboration in ASEAN?

Why a Green Paper on Effective Public-Philanthropic Collaboration in ASEAN?

As social problems becoming increasingly complex, APC believes that more can be done if governments and philanthropists work in concert. There is value in coming together to align goals and harness each other’s unique strengths. This would leverage the collective intelligence and capacity for better social outcomes.

The Green Paper on Effective Public-Philanthropic Collaboration in ASEAN is a first attempt to draw attention to the benefits of governments and philanthropists working together for social good. It examines the current public-philanthropic landscape in ASEAN and suggests practical ways that governments and philanthropists can work together in the near to long term. The priority would be to continue sharing and exchanging ideas on various platforms to build trust and deepen understanding of each other.

Drawing on insights from APC members and their organisations in their respective philanthropic journeys, the Green Paper emphasised that there is no one right way of collaborating. Multiple levels of engagement – from informal to formal, from low to high degrees of alignment, and from mere coordination to joint implementation – are possible. Depending on the circumstance, certain levels of engagement more appropriate than others. It is more important to appreciate each other’s views and expectations in the given context to make the most of any collaboration.

The Green Paper was used as the basis for discussions at the inaugural ASEAN Philanthropy Dialogue (APD) held on 21 March 2018 at Swissôtel the Stamford, Singapore, which brought together government leaders and philanthropists from ASEAN. Presented by APC CEO, Laurence Lien, the Green Paper stimulated dialogue on their respective concerns, challenges faced and aspirations for greater social impact. Both sides welcomed the findings of the Green Paper and agreed to explore actionable ideas to advance greater PPCs.

Download the Green Paper here.