Migrant Worker Sandbox

The migrant worker sandbox scheme is a new initiative launched by Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) and BOP Hub that supports employers in Singapore in recruiting skilled construction workers from Bangladesh, while reducing recruitment fees that workers pay.

Workers who are recruited through this pathway come with relevant skill sets and a vocational certificate accredited by the Bangladesh government. Their experience equips them to work more efficiently, contributing to increased productivity and a streamlined onboarding process.

Workers undergoing a theory class at the BRAC Institute for Skills Development to prepare for the SEC(K) test.

Direct recruitment of skilled workers with experience

We are working with BRAC, one of the largest NGOs in the world and is highly respected in Bangladesh. With their reputation and extensive network across Bangladesh, BRAC is capable of sourcing skilled workers who can meet each employer’s specific requirements. Many of these workers have also had experience in working abroad.

No cost to employer and minimal fees paid by migrant workers

The costs of migration will be borne by BRAC and the workers. BRAC will keep the cost incurred by workers at a minimal level to ensure that they are not overburdened financially. Lowering the cost of migration not only makes this migration pathway more attractive to workers but also enables employers to draw the best talent from Bangladesh to Singapore.

Enhanced Worker Preparation Beyond SEC(K) Test

BRAC’s training encompasses technical skills and workplace safety, ensuring workers are not just SEC(K)-ready but also well-prepared for their roles. Engaging in this program grants access to a pool of better-trained and equipped workers.

Workers demonstrating their skills in steel reinforcement projects.
Skilled workers completing a plastering project BRAC’s training facility in Kanchong.
Experienced tilers participating in an assessment to demonstrate their tiling skills.
Workers mixing cement for plastering at a BRAC training facility.

APC, BRAC and BOP Hub will oversee the entire recruitment process. This includes screening workers based on employers’ needs, supporting these workers in obtaining a government-issued vocational certificate in Bangladesh, preparing them for the SEC(K) test in Singapore, and assisting them in making all the necessary arrangements to relocate to Singapore. A dedicated team of counsellors follows up with workers post-arrival, offering psychological and social support to ensure a smooth settling-in process.

Workers selected for the sandbox possess the skills and experience sought by employers, enabling them to seamlessly integrate into the workforce.
TimelineWhat happens
Start of the processEmployer provides a demand note, detailing the requirements (e.g. no. of workers, expected skills).
1-2 weeksBRAC will recruit skilled workers in Bangladesh, using their sizeable network and manpower, based on the employer’s requirements.
The employer can choose the fly into Bangladesh to visit BRAC, as well as to test and interview the workers.
3-4 weeksBRAC will help workers obtain a government-issued vocational certificate.
BRAC will prepare workers for the SEC(K) test in Singapore.
BRAC will also provide some training in English, technical skills and workplace safety.
1 weekBRAC/APC will share the vocational certificate and workers’ details to BCA for approval.
1 week + IPA approvalOnce BCA approves, the employer can apply for an In-Principle Approval (IPA) for the workers to travel to Singapore.
While waiting for IPA, BRAC will complete all other pre-departure steps, such as registering with BMET, getting a smart card etc.
Post-arrival in SingaporeOnce workers arrive in Singapore, they will be arranged to take the SEC(K) test at an ATTC.
Every 2 weeks, BRAC counsellors will follow up by phone call to ensure workers are transitioning smoothly into their new life in Singapore.
Workers will receive ongoing support from a dedicated team of BRAC counselors to facilitate their smooth transition into life in Singapore.

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